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For the love of nature!

Y E S H A  is a new brand of Polish vegan cosmetics, created out of love for nature! Our offer includes oils, creams, scrubs, bar soaps, balls and bath salts. All cosmetics are produced in Poland, taking care of natural ingredients and production quality. Wonderful fragrances, natural ingredients, 100% vegan.
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« W moje ręce trafił zestaw CZAR MAGNOLII i powiem Wam, że jest obłędny ? Zapach genialny, proste, eleganckie opakowania i naturalny skład to coś co kocham? »

luuizkab Użytkownik Instagrama

« Ja postawiłam na dwie linie Malinowy Raj oraz Czar Magnolii. Jestem zachwycona! Uwielbiam ich olejki do kąpieli. Mega nawilżają i regenerują skórę, mają działanie przeciwzapalne i antyoksydacyjne. I po zastosowaniu olejku skóra pozostaje nawilżona, olejek może zatem zastępować funkcję balsamu! Uwielbiam takie formuły! I kochani te olejki tak pięknie wyglądają, prawda? Są ozdobą łazienki. »

zimnarecenzuje Użytkownik Instagrama

« Bosko się prezentują te kosmetyki ?? »

lifestyle_of_meg Użytkownik Instagrama

Ideal for a gift

Our oils for the perfect gift for loved ones!

The entire brand is available at Super-Pharm!

You can find all Y E S H A brand products in Super-Pharm stationary shops and on-lines
We believe that nature itself has created the best active ingredients that are good for the skin. All you have to do is discover their care properties and apply them properly in your cosmetics!

Charm of Magnolia

Did you know there are over two hundred species of magnolia? Magnolia increasingly appears in skin care cosmetics. Flake extract has strong moisturizing, smoothing and anti-radical – prevents skin aging. Also bark extract binds free radicals. Besides, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing – soothes irritations even of very demanding skin, sensitive and prone to allergies.

The power of active ingredients!

Our brand consists of four main product lines: Tea Morning, Raspberry Paradise, Charm of Magnolia, Shadow of Baobab. The cosmetics are enriched with natural active ingredients and extracts, such as grape seed oil, raspberry fruit extract, white tea extract, magnolia bark extract, baobab fruit extract, shea butter and cocoa butter.
To create a good cosmetic, you do not need to use ingredients of animal origin. Nor is it necessary to test products on animals.

Tea Morning

White tea extract is called the elixir of youth due to its anti-aging properties. It protects the epidermis against the action of elastase – an enzyme that breaks down elastin, thanks to which the skin maintains its firmness for longer. White leaf extract is added to cosmetics as a soothing and anti-irritating ingredient. Gently moisturizes and supports the regeneration of the epidermis 


The name of the brand comes from the Slavic god called Jesza, Jasz, Jassa, one of the most mysterious deities, considered omnipotent and the giver of all goods. YESHA is an inspiration by nature!

Shadow of Baobab

The properties and nutritional value of baobab fruit are undoubtedly highly valued and increasingly used in modern cuisine or even natural medicine. The most valuable part, i.e. baobab fruits provide a lot of carbohydrates. They contain almost no water or fat. They are a huge source of calcium, potassium thiamine, nicotinic acid and vitamin C.
Baobab fruit pulp, due to the huge content of vitamin C, has strong antioxidant properties, effectively helps fight free radicals responsible for the faster aging of our skin.

Soaps in bar

Bar soaps are experiencing their renaissance! They are very efficient and ecological. Our soaps are in an ecological cardboard box ideal for recycling! They are natural, vegan and contain plant additives that give the soap a unique character.

Raspberry Paradise

Raspberry seed oil in cosmetics acts as a natural sunscreen that absorbs UVB radiation. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. These acids are responsible for proper hydration of the skin and increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. They inhibit the production of melanin, which causes irregular discoloration, they also have a slightly brightening effect.
Raspberry seed oil has a strong antioxidant effect.
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