Who and what for we are

Our philosophy

We believe that the wealth of natural ingredients in the surrounding nature is sufficient to create a good cosmetic for all skin types. Instead of creating more synthetic ingredients, we prefer to draw on the experience of generations. We also believe that animals do not need to suffer to create the highest quality products. We are a Polish brand, all our products are manufactured in Poland. We develop and check our compositions in cooperation with specialized external laboratories, thanks to which we are sure that our products are repeatable and safe. We are here to give you a natural, safe cosmetic based on natural ingredients.

What ingredients do we use?

We use natural ingredients of plant origin.

Where can you buy our products?

Our products can be purchased in stationary stores and on-line Super-Pharm drugstore an in our on-line shop.

Why are our products safe?

When designing the composition of our products, we consult external specialized cosmetic laboratories. All our products are manufactured in Poland, in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our products undergo the necessary dermatological and application tests.

Why are vegan products good?

No animal has to suffer to create a valuable cosmetic. Adding ingredients of animal origin is not in line with our values. In addition, according to a Greenpeace report, greenhouse gas emissions from animal farming in the EU account for 17% of the total. total CO2 emissions in the EU and cause more environmental damage than all cars and vans combined!

Make yourself a home SPA

Y E S H A  it’s relaxation for body and soul


Y E S H A is plenty od wonderful aromas

After using our oils, scrubs and creams, your skin will smell beautiful for a long time!


The name of the brand comes from the Slavic god called Jesza, Jasz, Jassa, one of the most mysterious deities, considered omnipotent and the giver of all goods. YESHA is isnpired by nature!
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